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 Application   June 14, 2022

Messages to anyone

Do you know that 2 Avior parameters are accessible without a password?
These are the Welcome and Farewell texts that are usually used for sending SMS messages to users upon enabling and disabling.

They can be requested from a browser using the API call described here:

For example at the request (as you can see, only the identification of the device is specified and the password is not required) you will get this type of response:

"welcome":"Welcome dear customer, call +33665588 to access the parking.",
"farewell":"Goodbye. Thank you for using this service."

The maximum length of these two texts is 160 characters and they can contain tags, that is to say they contain the value of any device parameter.

You can use these texts to make information that should be accessible to everyone without the need to share the device password. A practical example is the announcer visible in the image which is obtained by setting the Farewell message (N28):

$OA1:$OA2\nPotenza:$OA6 W\nConsumo:$OA7 kWh\nTemp:$OA5°C\n-\n$D14 $D15
  • $OA1 is the name assigned to the WiFi A plug
  • $OA2 is the status of the WiFi A plug
  • $OA6 is the power currently absorbed by the load connected to the plug
  • $OA7 is the consumption recorded since the last switch on of the plug
  • $OA5 is the temperature measured by the WiFi A plug
  • $D14 is the date when the text was created
  • $D15 is the time when the text was created

You can insert as many spaces as you like to align the texts and with \n you switch to a new line, Avior will publish a text similar to this:

heater  : 1
Power : 11.41 W
Energy : 0.002 kWh
Temp    : 31.62 °C
220614 0831328

The value of the parameters contained in the text is that of the moment in which it is composed, you can therefore set rules that update the content periodically (timed) or upon the occurrence of an event (change of status of inputs or outputs, exceeding of thresholds ... .).

To view this ticker display on any device that has internet access (PC, smartphone, tablet, TV...):

  • webid is the identifier of Avior that publishes the messages
  • page=1 for Welcome message 
    page=2 for Farewell message

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