Text To Speech

Text-to-speech feature to read text during phone conversation

 Features   March 10, 2023

Text To Speech

Did you know that Avior can convert text to voice message?

You can find the description of the command HERE.

Voice alert in case of blackout

We can use Avior.Suite software by connecting Avior to a Personal Computer with the appropriate USB cable or accessing the device's account cloud by entering the identification (WebId) and password.


Let's add a simple rule to make a phone call when the main power supply fails.

  • Trigger event is the change of state of the main power supply.
  • The condition to check is that the main power supply is not present.
    it means a logical state 0.
  • The first action contains the command to make a call to phone number +391234

and now let's add the rule that plays the voice message:

  • Trigger event is the change answer to originated call.
  • The condition is to confirm that the main power supply is not present.
  • The first action contain the command to convert the text to an audio message and play it in the active call.
    As you can see in the text there is the D01 tag which will be replaced by the corresponding value (device name).
  • The second action appends a customized line in the log file reporting the phone number called (N26)

Unlike the AT+AUDIO command which allows you to play any audio file previously loaded into the device's memory, the TTS function allows you to create dynamic messages which can include any TAG, this means in a voice message you can report the status of any input and output, report the current value of counters and variables as well as include geographical position, name of the last caller, text of the last message received...

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