Shortcut Buttons for Android

Android buttons as shortcuts to control almost everything

 Application   March 10, 2022

Shortcut Buttons for Android

Did you know that a simple APP allows you to create buttons for Android smartphones or tablets with which you can open gates, turn on lights or manage any other electrical device connected to an Avior?

Activation is immediate, no numbers to dial and no waiting for call forwarding typical of GSM remote controls and you don't even need a cellular connection, you just need WiFi.

For each Avior you can set up to 1000 users, each recognized by the unique identifier of the smartphone and at any time you can activate or deactivate a user, then deactivate a phone if it is stolen or add a new user without having to buy expensive remote controls.

You can also define a specific period or days and times to guarantee temporary access, for example to a cleaning company.

And again you could define a maximum number of actions to be decremented, could be a machine that provides a paid service (distribution of water, milk, laundry ...).

How do we do it?

First of all we download and install the APP ...

... and run it.

  • Click on the key [5] to define a new shortcut key.
  • Let's assign the name [6] to this button: Cancello.
  • Set the identifier [7] of the device we want to control.
    In the figure it is 2xx44e but we will have to enter the WebId of our Avior.
  • We note the Application ID [8], it is unique and will then serve as a user identifier.
  • We select the command [9]  that we want to associate with this shortcut key.
    For a gate opener we simulate the action of a button by activating the output for a few seconds but we could also insert another command among those available
  • We choose the color [10] for this key.
  • Let's SAVE the settings.
  • Let's add the shortcut key to the main screen of the smartphone.
  • In the main screen we see the list of keys we have created.
  • Click to perform the action associated with the key.
  • Click to modify the settings associated with the key.
  • The keys are repositionable just like any other icon on the main screen.
  • Touch the key to execute the associated command, confirmation of sending will follow.

Avior configuration

We can use Avior.Suite software by connecting Avior to a Personal Computer with the appropriate USB cable or accessing the device's account cloud by entering the identification (WebId) and password.


Let's add a simple rule that for each message received from a user's APP the text received will be executed as a command.
Here is a short video on how to insert rules from the cloud management platform.


Based on the rule we have set, the control is reserved for users stored in the device, so let's add one or more users (up to 1000). At any time we can add, remove or modify a user.

Here we have defined the user John.Doe (we will have to use the point as a possible separator because space is not allowed) by choosing APPID as type and entering the Application ID that we detected during the installation of the APP, it is 10 alphanumeric characters.

We can assign a membership group (in this case employees).

This user can be enabled for a specific period, in the example January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2099, which is like saying permanently enabled (these are the default settings).

If we wish to disable the actions of this user on some days of the week we will replace Y with N.

Finally we can define a maximum number of operations that will be automatically scaled at each command sent as if they were access "tickets".

All the details for the user settings are described here: 

Let's open the gate

In our example we have imagined that the button should open a gate.

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