Shortcut buttons for iPhone and iPad

Create a button for each of your Avior commands

 Application   March 11, 2022

Shortcut buttons for iPhone and iPad

Did you know that you can have buttons on your iPhone or iPad with which you can open gates, turn on lights or manage any other electrical device connected to an Avior?

Activation is immediate, no number to dial and no waiting for call forwarding typical of GSM remote controls and you don't even need a cellular connection, just WiFi.

For each Avior you can set up to 1000 users, each recognized by the unique identifier of the smartphone and at any time you can activate or deactivate a user, then deactivate a phone if it is stolen or add a new user without having to buy expensive remote controls.

You can also define a specific period or days and times to grant temporary access, for example to a cleaning company.

And again we could define a maximum number of actions to be decreased, it could be a machine that provides a paid service (distribution of water, milk, laundry...).

How do we do it?

Download this guide, the procedure is a bit long but described step by step:

Let's open the gate

In our example we have imagined that the button should open a gate.

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