Voice calls without SIM card

Do you know that Avior can make voice synthesis calls even without a SIM?

 Features   March 10, 2022

Voice calls without SIM card

You already know that you can send various types of Telegram messages thanks to the AviorControl BOT.
Now you can also make VOIP calls with playback of a synthesized voice message.

You do not need a SIM enabled for voice traffic and you can make calls even if you only have a WiFi connection.

For all the details see here: https://www.contrive.mobi/avior/en/Voicecalls.html 

Avior configuration

We can use Avior.Suite software by connecting Avior to a Personal Computer with the appropriate USB cable or accessing the device's account cloud by entering the identification (WebId) and password.


Let's add a simple rule to make the call when input 1 is activated.

  • Trigger event is the change of state of input 1.
  • The condition is that the status of input 1 is equal to 1, ie active.
  • The action contain the command that makes a voice call using the Telegram chat on the number +44123456, reproducing the message digital input 1 alarm.

Here is a short video on how to insert rules from the cloud management platform.

For more details on the AT#TGM command you can see here: https://www.contrive.mobi/avior/en/Messaging.html#CALL

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